ZCO Review 2018

Founded:  1989
Employees:  250-499
Revenue:  $9.5M

If you are looking for a reliable software vendor that has been long enough in business to meet and exceed your expectations, then ZCO may be the right choice. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Nashua, the USA, the ZCO mobile app development company provides services to clients worldwide for over 25 years and hosts one of the largest software development teams in the world. Learn more about its range of services and pros and cons of working with this techno-giant on our comprehensive ZCO review.

ZCO Mobile App Development Services

  • The company offers a wide range of ZCO Mobile App Development Services to its clients in a variety of software development spheres, such as:
  • Mobile app development. The company creates mobile applications for all operating systems including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, WebOS, and Windows Phone. ZCO review suggests high-quality and reasonably priced mobile app development services are the company’s strongest side.
  • Mobile game development. The company hosts an excellent team of 2D and 3D game app developers and renders all kinds of cross-platform support for the smooth functioning of its products. Moreover, ZCO provides the full product life cycle support, overseeing each project from concept development to release. Such an approach is especially favored among clients who don’t wish to bother finding a variety of subcontractors for various aspects of development work.
  • Enterprise software. ZCO caters for the needs of small businesses and large corporations via the provision of Windows and .NET, PHP and ColdFusion applications, as well as mobilizing websites.
  • Animation services. In the era of immensely popular animation in all domains of human life, are always relevant for companies requiring quality 3D animation and movies (e.g., promotional videos and commercial video content), original commercial ads, website animation, and the like.
  • Augmented reality services. AR is the talk of the day, and many enterprises long for AR products. This is what ZCO can provide: its experienced artists know a thing about creating interactive, digitally enhanced environments. The company’s team also renders supplementary services such as a provision of overlay data and imagery on real objects.
  • Digital marketing. This niche is comparatively new, but as our ZCO review suggests, the company has already succeeded in developing its service range in this aspect. Thus, at present, ZCO’s clients enjoy solid support in terms of link building and press release development/dissemination, video marketing, and SEO activities.
  • Software analytics. Once the software application is developed and launched, it has to be supported for the long-term flawless functioning. ZCO provides ongoing maintenance of its applications and services clients by deploying, analyzing, and supporting software.

Advantages of Working with ZCO

  1. As it comes from the overview of the company’s service range, ZCO mobile app development is its strongest side. But that’s not all: the company has many additional advantages speaking in favor of its functionality, expertise, and reputation in the market:
  2. Solid desktop and backend software experience. ZCO initially started as the desktop and backend software developer, later expanding to the mobile app development sphere. Thus, while many other businesses in the market are new and lack foundational knowledge in software development, ZCO developers are advanced experts in the field.
  3. The company is largely innovative and very staff-friendly. At present, it has an open-space office in the Greater Boston area where it hosts numerous networking events and fosters staff development and extra-work activities in many ways. In some aspects, the office of ZCO is highly similar to that of Google – some employees are doing yoga, others enjoy a walk in the park, and some of them prefer to relax after a hard working day with the help of other amusing sports activities.
  4. ZCO mobile app development company is forward-looking in terms of service development and expansion. For instance, it has recently entered the market of AR products – the quickly developing, vibrant area of growing demand. Thus, if you wish to work with companies with a solid position and strong chances for further growth, the strategic approach of ZCO corporation suggests this.
  5. ZCO strives to sustainability. It incorporates eco-friendly principles into operation and fosters the use of electric cars by staff.
  6. ZCO is highly respectful and attentive to staff; it has managed to retain talent of all kinds. Thus, now the company boasts the largest software and app development team worldwide – over 300 specialists in different areas.

ZCO Review: the Company’s Disadvantages

  1. Though the company enjoys a positive reputation among clients and employees alike, there are still some disadvantages that some of them note:
  2. Some outsourced ZCO mobile developers admitted flaws in the organization of HRM at ZCO. Such comments were published at Glassdoor, revealing that a number of employees experienced problems with toxic management.
  3. An absence of personal training. The ZCO has cut the funding of training for employees, which may be a wise business solution though with negative implications for the overall staff competence in the long run.
  4. Limited insurance for workers. Some employees of this mobile development company complain of having no coverage of dental insurance.
  5. These are minor issues pointed out by employees of ZCO, while on the client side, there was nothing negative identified through reviews and client testimonials. Thus, it’s possible to admit that ZCO takes proper care of its reputation and makes a positive impression on the clientele and staff.


As you may see from ZCO review, it is a strong player in the software market and will continue taking the lead in this sphere. Its wide range of services, strong corporate social responsibility, respect to its staff, and forward-looking initiatives and service offerings suggest that the ZCO corporation is here to stay. Thus, if you are interested in finding a reliable partner with a solid technical background and reasonable pricing, then mobile app development services by ZCO may be the right choice for you.