Trigent Review

Founded:  1995
Employees:  1000-4999
Revenue:  $6.2M

TRIGENT custom software development company is concerned, among all, with the innovative growth. By using various technologies, ranging from cloud and mobile to Microsoft golden partnership and PHP/Open Source, it offers the comprehensive and complex list of possible solutions on market for its clients. And its brand slogan “Overcoming limits” sounds totally reliable after the slight look at its services and advantages on market, as this TRIGENT software review reveals.

Trigent custom software development service

  • Cloud development, transformation, and managed cloud infrastructure services. While working with cloud technology, TRIGENT software company uses a wise approach of emphasizing on community building, which means working on networking users, enterprises, and developers. The platforms the company works on include AWS and Azure, and the stages of the cloud development service are strategy and assessment, enterprise applications, and product development. When it comes to cloud transformation, TRIGENT makes it possible to rewrite legacies and migrate clouds. In fact, adopting corporate services means increasing the effectiveness of using the technology and guaranteeing the availability of unlimited resources and reduced cost that clouds usually promise. With the cloud adoption maturity model offered, TRIGENT offers the relevant roadmap to achieve IT system’s capability, agility, velocity, and quality. Finally, as a special dimension in cloud management, managed cloud infrastructure services enable the proper choice of a cloud platform and the following effective running of business operations on it. In this context, cloud advisory, infrastructure implementation, network design, security, disaster recovery, and managed backup and restore services are the main dimensions of this type of TRIGENT software solutions.
  • QA & Testing. In the dimension of QA and testing, TRIGENT software helps the companies to adapt to the changing environment and increase the engagement of the clients. As a result, organizational time is spent more effectively and business impact of a product launch is optimized. In detail, the structure of this service consists of service offerings, TCoE, device labs, QA engagement models, and testing for industries.
  • SharePoint services. In the essence of this type of services, providing an opportunity to strategize, enhance, and deploy SharePoint solutions is the most important thing TRIGENT custom software development company does. In this context, the hybrid model the company uses makes it possible to offer the service to a company of any size and from any industry. And the approach of assistance is comprehensive enough, including SharePoint consulting, development, solutions, and online support.
  • Enterprise digital transformation. In the area of digital transformation, TRIGENT offers DevOps, collaboration and content management, test automation, user experience, system integration and APIs, and information management to its clients. Specifically, the service aims at teaching the companies of all the sizes to effectively work with cloud technology and engage all the stakeholders in a comprehensive dialogue, facilitated by this tool.
  • Product engineering and business intelligence. Due to the increased convergence of the contemporary technological development, TRIGENT offers solutions in the form of methodologies, engagement models, and technologies to help the companies remain up-to-date and innovative. In its turn, business intelligence dimension within TRIGENT solutions package includes consulting, implementation, tools, service delivery and framework, and big data. In this context, the company views its key task to help the client arrange the data in sustainable structures that enable proper understanding and acting on the corporate information.
  • Enterprise ADM, mobile application development, and professional services within TRIGENT software solutions package. Custom application development, app maintenance, legacy migration and system integration are the main services that TRIGENT offers to its customers to effectively maintain and run applications installed. In addition, mobile application testing helps to engage, enable, and enhance the corporate performance in relations with stakeholders. Finally, time and material operations and working on an extended delivery center are the key solutions of TRIGENT in the form of professional assistance to business. What is important here is that the company relies on the skills of its top talents to deliver the best possible.

Advantages of Trigent Solutions

  1. A sophisticated approach. The range of clients and the number of solutions listed on the corporate website make it necessary to develop a complex and interdisciplinary approach to each case on which the company works. And TRIGENT reviews demonstrate that the developer readily meets this reality. Each worker enjoys an opportunity to reveal the creative potential, learn, and contribute to the complex solutions commonly developed in TRIGENT company – and leaves the discussion room both satisfied and challenged by the new opinions and approaches heard there.
  2. Rewarding work environment. Among the key advantages of working with TRIGENT that make it different from other custom software development companies, employees often mention flexible schedule and nice work atmosphere. In this context, the heavy reliance on talents in corporate strategy, in practice, turns the office into space where personal development and healthy challenging competition are valued. In particular, it means that the proper attention to work culture is maintained, meaning that the office has a friendly atmosphere and bonus plan for each achievement. And the salary practices in TRIGENT received no criticism from both the internal and external observers.

Disadvantage Of Trigent Company

  1. HR problems. As the only significant drawback mentioned by the workers in their TRIGENT reviews, the ineffectiveness of certain HR practices was felt by them. Though mostly approachable, HR department representatives may forget to be friendly and complicate the process of project adjustment. Though being mostly subjective, this aspect deserves its place in the presented TRIGENT software review to make it more realistic.

Our Verdict To Trigent

In the end, this custom software company review revealed that TRIGENT is an amazing place – to both ask for a cloud solution and start a career in IT. Considering the wide range of its services for custom software development and the reliance on creative talents as the core characteristics of TRIGENT’s corporate strategy, it is mostly a pleasure to refer to this innovative enterprise. At the same time, some HR complexities create a more realistic image of the company and serve as justification that some problems actually appear there.