Sourcebits Review 2018

Founded:  2006
Employees:  50-249
Revenue:  $30M

Sourcebits software development is a technology company that targets start-ups and entrepreneurs. It develops and markets business apps with the aim of helping your ideas come to life. They are an innovative team of designers, engineers, developers, analysts, marketers, strategists, and scientists. They all participate actively in each process of the app development. The main objective of this company is to assist entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals by using modern app technology to help them reach their prospective clients. According to the information on the company website, its services are strategy, design, development, marketing, analytics, and app lifecycle management. This extensive Sourcebits review 2018 helps you to gain more insight into what this company entails, the services it offers, and the pros and cons of using their services. To learn more, you can proceed reading the review.

Sourcebits: Software Development Services

  • A company is nothing without properly designed, developed, marketed and delivered high-quality services. They are the foundation that defines the very essence of why a company is in operation. In this section of the Sourcebits review, we shall have a comprehensive breakdown of the services Sourcebits offers its customers.
  • Sourcebits software development services aim to transform the digital world by their innovative designs. The team of professionals will help you bring your ideas to life by creating your app from scratch to the final product. Also, they play a huge role in promoting your app once it hits the market.
  • The following is an overview of the services the company offers:
  • Strategy. There is a competent team in place to strategize on the best design approach. This process involves concept development and brainstorming on the ideas of the app. As a client, you may already have your requirements and layout of the app. It does not matter whether it is in place or not; the company ensures that the end product will exceed the expectation. In this stage, they identify new prospects and existing challenges to develop an authentic product for your business.
  • Design. An effective app reflects its design. Is it interactive? Does it appeal to the user? The graphics and the user experience are critical aspects to achieving a great design. This is the most critical phase in developing a mobile app. Sourcebits has a policy of designing first then building comes later. This approach ensures that designers incorporate each detail without any failure. With professionals at the helm of the company, you are guaranteed a remarkable mobile design.
  • Development. This phase involves the actual building of the software and testing for bugs. The company ensures that the developers build a working app before they launch it to the users. You can select the various mobile platforms available such as iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry, and other operating systems. With a team of expert coders, Sourcebits software development prides itself on having designed numerous apps for iPhones and iPads that has elevated the success of its company.
  • Marketing. Sourcebits Software Development Company plays an active role in marketing your product after the launch. These services assist you with optimization of the app store, increase in downloads, and ensure that your clientele user base increases without your effort.
  • Analytics. This section of the Sourcebits review involves a deeper understanding of your mobile app. It analyses the user behavior to enable you to make sound business decisions. With strong data platforms, the company helps your business to grow by measuring and analyzing specific data about your target users.
  • Lifecycle management. This is the last service that the company offers to its customers. It is a support service that agrees to maintain, manage, fix and upgrade your app when it is necessary. There is a team of product managers who ensure that your product receives all the support it deserves throughout its lifecycle.

Source Bits: Advantages

  1. Sourcebits solely operates to provide the highest customer satisfaction possible. Each project focuses on attaining the expectation of the client thus offering high quality service.
  2. Customer support. There is a scalable support system for customers from the point of app creation to the end product. Also, the lifecycle support ensures that your business grows to the next level.
  3. Quality services. With a team of innovative experts, Sourcebits Software Development Services designs the best mobile apps as per your specification. Many global brands can attest to the quality assurance of Sourcebits.
  4. User interface. Sourcebits ensures that they develop an interactive interface that significantly enhances the experience of users.
  5. App optimization. Sourcebits software development assists with app optimization which in turn increases your app downloads amount. Hence, this improves the growth of your client base.

Source Bits: Disadvantages

  1. They always say that there are no positives without negatives. The following are some disadvantages of Sourcebits software development services:
  2. Downloads. If the company has developed a paid app for your business, the chances are that the downloads will be few. This is because of the extra cost the user has to pay to access your app.
  3. Expectations. When cost is involved, the users expect a top-notch mobile app which exceeds their expectations. Thus, this mostly leads to disappointed users in the long run.
  4. Quality. Your mobile app needs to be of high quality to ensure your clients receive value for their money. But you cannot check the level of quality until the product is ready, which means that improving it will take more time.

Sourcebits Review: Conclusion

We firmly believe that this Sourcebits review will help you make an informed decision about the right mobile app for your business. Sourcebits software development company offers mobile app solutions to businesses across the globe. With a team of professionals, they provide strategic insight which ensures your business achieves its goals. They are digital innovators who develop your idea and bring it to reality. Furthermore, they nurture your product by providing lifecycle maintenance, and management as your business grows.