Softtek Review: IT Company Worth Working With

Founded:  1982
Employees:  10000+
Revenue:  $47.5 M

Softtek was founded in 1982 and is a global provider of process-driven IT solutions with 30 offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Softtek mission is to improve time-to-business-solution, lower costs of existing applications, deliver better engineered and tested applications, and produce predictable outcomes for top-tier companies all over the world. Through on-site, on-shore and its trademarked Global Nearshore service delivery models, Softtek teams with CIOs constantly increase the business value of IT. Softtek is the creator and a leader of the nearshore industry for many fields of economy. In this Softtek company review we are going to look at the benefits and drawbacks of working with this company.

Softtek service offerings and main competencies

  • Basic IT solutions is a wide group of services offered by Softtek, including agile development, financial crime prevention, global delivery, governance, risk and compliance, guest engagement solutions, IT transformation consulting, mergers and acquisitions, IT integration, global procurement, and SAP management services. Each of the services adds certain value to the client’s business. For instance, only agile management could significantly decrease time to market, enhance flexibility during the project for any additions or changes, and also increase visibility of the product or service as it comes together.
  • Outsourcing IT operations include the following separate services: application management, application modernization, development, DevOps, ERP management, information management, infrastructure management, application security management, and finally testing and quality assurance. The principle behind the provision of these services is that any of the Softtek development or operations teams all over the world undertakes work on some project by a company which also may be situated anywhere in the world. Thus, Softtek team cooperates with a client’s team online, trying to solve an issue or build a new effective solution.
  • Outsourcing Business Operations comprise activities in the fields of business process automation, GRC operations, and procurement. To this end, Softtek IT services help companies and organizations to build processes and platforms enabling them to manage evolving regulations and a growing range of risks. Main focus of Softtek for this activity is mitigation of risks, increase of compliance, and strengthening of a client’s security.
  • Digital services. Apart from some of the services already mentioned in this Softtek company review, company offers a range of digital activities like Bring Your Own Device, cloud strategies, industrial Internet of Things, engineering services and embedded solutions. These IT services for business are of special value, as they bring companies into a digitalized world and show all the perks of being in it in an efficient way.

Advantages of Softtek services

  1. Proximity is among the company's main strengths as it allows Softtek to offer customers close geographical locations and the ability to connect quickly during their working hours. Company pledges to work whenever the client does to be available when he or she needs.
  2. Focus is another significant advantage of Softtek IT services company as it has an extensive experience in agile processes and methodologies. Developers at Softtek constantly leverage their training and expertise to create world-class solutions for client’s business objectives and further growth.
  3. Knowledge on Americas region, received in the course of many years of successful cooperation with the companies of the region. From Canada to Argentina, Softtek IT services ensure clients’ leading insights into the Americas region, helping them think and act like the locals to better achieve their business objectives.
  4. Powerful partnerships with leading Technology and Product companies such as Amazon, Windows Azure, Microsoft, EMC, Rackspace, SAP, and HP ensure company’s efficiency owing to the professional knowledge sharing. Through these crucial alliances Softtek is able to provide customers with a better core group of offerings, expanded upon by the software and experience of these exclusive partnerships.
  5. Breadth and depth of knowledge in Information Management being the result of twenty years of experience count for strong side of professional IT services offered by the company. Through this expertise, Softtek IT services are able to deliver actionable insights to users across different industries.
  6. Right-value model is the company’s main approach, having six key components essential to any successful client relationship, project, or engagement. These components include right culture, governance, size, place, execution, and quality.

Disadvantages of Softtek IT services

  1. Cultural differences often result in poor teamwork and dragging on of the decision-making process which prevent successful project realization. In case with IT services company it is an issue stemming from the outsourcing nature of such companies’ operations. However, as showcased in the Softtek review, on-site and on-shore activities are the best alternative to nearshore cooperation. The later, though, is still extensively used by Softtek IT services for business, as this Softtek review shows.
  2. Language barriers are a natural continuation of the cultural differences and conflicts these bring. Even though English is considered to be lingua franca in IT industry, there are still risks of poor interpretation, translation, clashes of meaning, or miscommunication. If such happen to take place, work on a project may be disrupted and will definitely require more managerial effort to be solved.
  3. Too much focus on American region may be considered a disadvantage for companies from other regions seeking professional IT services. Moreover, the fact that company’s talent pool is also focused on work for this very region, it may pose serious inconveniences for European or Asian companies wishing to enjoy the benefits of working with Softtek IT services company.

Conclusion on the quality of Softtek IT services

In this Softtek review we look at pros and cons of working with Softtek IT services company. Obviously, its significant advantages like powerful partnerships, proximity, and expertise do outweigh few disadvantages. However, such issues as cultural and language barriers have to be considered by companies who are not a part of the 20 countries Softtek operations cover. For all other companies Softtek is definitely worth working with, owing to its extensive industry coverage, more than twenty years of experience, deep knowledge of the latest technologies, and right-value approach being at the core of its operations.