Sciencesoft Review: Analysis of Sciencesoft Strengths and Weaknesses

Founded:  1989
Employees:  250-499
Revenue:  $6.6 M

ScienceSoft is a provider of IT consulting services and custom software development with 500+ IT professionals located internationally. The company was founded in 1989 and is currently headquartered in the USA. ScienceSoft company has been working to bring custom and platform-based solutions to large and middle-sized companies in Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Telecom and other industries. Among the loudest and most devoted clients are Walmart, Nestle, eBay, NASA JPL, T-Mobile, Baxter, and M&T bank. Another impressive fact about the company is that 76% of the revenue comes from 1+ year-long customers. In this sciencesoft review we will look at the company’s strongest and weakest sides to understand its position in the highly competitive market of software development solutions.

Main Categories Of Services Offered By Sciencesoft

  • Sharepoint services allow organizations to leverage Microsoft SharePoint capabilities, starting from consultations on how to employ SharePoint with regard to one’s business objectives, and to its development and subsequent support. Apart from these services, sciencesoft software development company offers especially advanced health check methodology to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the solution’s state.
  • Salesforce professional services is another competence of the sciencesoft software solutions which accounts for salesforce consulting, customization, migration, integration, upgrade, support and maintenance. These services aim to support the client’s CRM strategy with an appropriate software solution.
  • Data analytics services include data visualization and dashboarding, data warehouse development, big data consulting, data management, advanced data analytics, and outsourced data analysis. Moreover, analysis can be conducted in a number of directions relating to the client’s internal as well as external operations. These, in particular, include financial, operational, marketing, sales, HR and customer analytics. One of the challenges such analytics services solve is the lack of integration which results into inability to demonstrate a full picture at any moment.
  • Internet of things development services performed by sciencesoft is an innovative and ever-changing technology which is most likely to remain in the future. Among the solutions offered by the company are connected products, smart maintenance, smart cities, smart utilities, industrial iot, smart logistics and transportation, and connected health. Each and every of the mentioned competencies allows to find new innovative solutions which are of value to the modern business environment.

Advantages Of Services By Sciencesoft

  1. Tailoring of the SharePoint platform to the needs of a client is the main advantage of such sciencesoft software solutions. Every service and solution thus delivers aims at fostering dynamic and collaborative corporate environment that favors higher employee productivity and better business results. Such orientation on result and attention to the needs of a particular client allows company to deliver high quality services.
  2. Multi-disciplinary expertise generated over 29 years in software development, as well as consulting, stands for the company’s another strengths. Given that sciencesoft software development company can handle complex projects that go beyond Salesforce CRM, including the development of mobile sales apps, collaboration solutions, customer and sales data analytics, and more, it is capable of adding value to the client’s business.
  3. Numerous achievements in the field of data analytics prove the quality of such services and their acknowledgement in the professional communities. Among the rewards sciencesoft software development company has achieved are a place among the Advanced data analysis services since 1989, Membership in the Microsoft Partner Network since 2008, Gold Data Analytics Competency, and Membership in the AWS Partner Network since 2017.
  4. Various technologies covered to ensure the best possible IoT development gives Sciencesoft additional points. Such technologies as Cloud applications (user and control apps) including Azure, AWS, and GCP, IoT data analytics, and Mobile user applications are definitely the indicators of how thoroughly the company approaches its tasks in the field of Internet of things development.

Disadvantages of Sciencesoft software solutions

  1. Generally speaking, SharePoint can be managed by the company alone without external help and consulting. This is the main advantage of this service since there is no actual need for external support if staff is acquainted with such a tool and uses it properly.
  2. In case with salesforce solutions, a possible drawback of outsourcing this activity in general is that external companies may lack time to get into all of the details of one’s business and understands its ins and outs. This very reason is why the salesforce services offered by such software development companies as sciencesoft is not the best alternative for business to recourse to. Instead, it would be better to ensure an in-house specialist or a few to work on CRM systems, etc.
  3. Since big data consulting is a complex and multifaceted activity, it involves not only factual analysis of the numbers but rather a combination of strategic assessment as well as numerical analysis. The former is not among the competencies of the sciencesoft software development company, and thus would pose some risks to the solution of a client’s task. Nevertheless, with solid experience in several industries, this issue is most likely to be mitigated with the 29-years of expertise.
  4. Internet of things is a relatively new technology, which requires deep understanding of numerous issues. Since IoT is not the core competence of the science software, it poses some risks to the quality and cost-efficiency of the services offered. There are many startups and small companies specialising in this very field worth working with.

Conclusion on Sciencesoft software development services

A top software development company, ScienceSoft, according to the sciencesoft review, is worth working and cooperating with. Numerous services it offers, starting from Internet of Things development and right to Sharepoint services make is an outstanding performer in the market. Nevertheless, there are a few limitations to this statement, as sciencesoft review showcases, some of the competencies are not at core of the company’s activities and thus may be quite risky to invest in. All in all, ScienceSoft with its variety of services and 29 years of expertise with global companies may be considered for solving of software development issues and challenges in a majority of industries.