Qburst Review 2018

Founded:  2004
Employees:  1000-4999
Revenue:  $20M

Qburst technologies is a company that offers technological solutions to entrepreneurs to help them increase the efficiency and help them meet their business goals. Qburst develops a wide range of mobile and web applications according to your specifications. They have a competent team of experts who ensure that your project undergoes a thorough developmental process before delivery. The primary objective of Qburst technologies is to offer digital solutions to business. According to the information on the company website, the industries involved are healthcare, retail, education, engineering, financial services, and manufacturing. They offer design solutions, client usability, and other related services concerning app development. This Qburst review 2018 offers a comprehensive report about the company to help you have a clear overview of the services and the pros and cons of Qburst full-service software development company.

Qburst Full-service Software Development Services

  • A digital company reflects on the services it offers to clients. Qburst full-service software development services aim to help businesses to meet their needs using digital solutions by meeting the customer’s needs efficiently. As the name suggests, you have assured a full service with quality results.
  • In this section of the Qburst review, we shall delve into the services that the company offers. It is important to note that the information is cited directly from the website.
  • The following are the services available to clients:
  • Mobile. This technology has slowly taken over the market, and Qburst full-service software development company helps to develop the best strategy that will boost your business production to the next level. The product managers are there with you from the idea conception to the app store. Do not worry about marketing, upgrades, and problems with your app; the company has you covered throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.
  • Cloud. The cloud technology is a service that helps businesses to migrate their data and operations to the cloud. Apart from migration, they host your business and offer consultations about what, where and how to migrate. For a comprehensive report, you can visit their website.
  • Data. This service helps you to solve the challenges you encounter in your business. They use data analytics to solve problems such as artificial, intelligence, machine learning, video, and data visualization.
  • Web. Qburst develops a wide range of innovative web applications. The team of experts is highly knowledgeable on the reliable and modern tools to use to develop effective applications. They are not only cost-effective but also advanced in technology.
  • Some tools used by the developers are Java, Wordpress, Magento, HTML, and Share point.
  • DevOps. This is a bridge that creates a harmony between the operations in software development and Information technology operations. It tries to patch the conventional disconnection between the people, and the system processes. This service consists of feedback from clients and cooperation which enhances efficiency.
  • The devOps services include Continuous integration and delivery, Containerization, Server orchestration, Server support, Server security, and Virtualization. For a more detailed explanation, please feel free to visit the Qburst website.
  • Microsoft. A majority of business desire tailored solutions incorporated with complete technology to satisfy their business needs. Being a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Qburst is the company that offers you their expertise.
  • Some of the technical services from Microsoft technologies are Mobility, Data platform, Web development, Content management, Portals and collaboration, Software development, and Customer relationship management.
  • Designs. This is the most critical aspect of software development. It enables the users to interact effectively with the business brand. Qburst focuses on building interactive interfaces whether it is for a website, a business app or a mobile app. With advancements in technology, your business needs an appealing interface that relates to your users. They have current resources that will highly boost your web and mobile app responses.
  • Quality assurance and testing. Quality is fundamental in ensuring that customers get a functional end product. Thus, Qburst performs a thorough product testing before releasing it to the market. Is the app vulnerable to any danger? Does it have performance issues? Your product undergoes an independent test to verify whether it is fit for the market. In other words, each aspect of a product is not left uncovered from the technical to design. Qburst full-service software development services ensure that it fulfills your business specification, and also it aims to meet your expectation as a client.

Qburst: Advantages

  1. This section of the Qburst review gives you an overview of the advantages of using this company for your business solutions:
  2. The company has a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in each phase of the software development.
  3. Your product undergoes rigorous testing by certified testers before being released to the market.
  4. The team incorporates you from the beginning of the development. You are familiar with what is happening in the early stages of the product.
  5. The costs are not expensive for hybrid, offsite and onsite delivery.
  6. The company has in-house tools that they use for product testing.

Qburst: Disadvantages

  1. In this part of the Qburst review, let us now discuss the disadvantages that come with using Qburst full-service software development services:
  2. Budget. According to different surveys, the company charges are a bit on the higher side. A small start-up may not afford to engage their services.
  3. Client expectations. The customers expect a top-notch product in the end because of the cost. Therefore, the team has to deliver without fail because of the high expectation.

Qburst: Conclusion

As we conclude our Qburst review, we have a firm conviction that Qburst full-service software development company offers practical solutions to its customers. With the exponential growth of technology, this company will provide you with the best digital solutions for your business. Their services will not only improve efficiency in service delivery but also they will grow your business on a secure digital rock.