Burlington, MA

Alpha Software

Headquartered in Burlington, MA, Alpha Software enables developers to rapidly create and deploy robust and secure business applications for mobile devices and personal computers. Thousands of developers have built tens of thousands of business applications using Alpha's development products. Alpha Anywhere™ is the single environment that combines all required client and server development features and solves sophisticated app challenges, including offline support with a few clicks. It features scalable, secure deployment, and connections to a wide range of SQL databases, NoSQL Databases, and web services.

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Founded:  2000
Employees:  50-249
Revenue:  $36.6 M


  • Web development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Programming
  • Coding
  • DataBase
  • MS Access
  • Mobile Web
  • App development
  • Application development
  • Enterprise IT
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Offline support
  • Business apps
  • Enterprise applications
  • Enterprise application development
  • Enterprise apps


  • Goodman Global Group
  • Hayat Communications
  • Thomas Guth
{"Oil and Gas":"30","Construction":"25","Manufacturing":"20","Municipalities":"10","Higher Education":"15"}

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Alpha Software