Oxagile Review

Founded:  2005
Employees:  250-499
Revenue:  $7.8M

This custom software development review is centered on Oxagile. In short, it is the company that specializes in digital products and domain expertise. On the latter aspect, the special attention from corporate leaders to OTT delivery is striking, meaning that the company is passionate about online content in general and video creation in particular. At the same time, this Oxagile review goes beyond the simple description of the best corporate services and includes the list of the key pros and cons of working in its office.

Oxagile Custom Software Development Services

  • Custom software development. For business needs, the company makes it possible to receive the full support on the custom software development life cycle – notwithstanding the size and the client base of the customer. In particular, the solution Oxagile custom software development company offers bases on reducing the stress and cost of the developed projects. Precisely, it supports the client on all the stages of software development, including discovery, UX and UI design, and development and testing.
  • Web application development. Expertise in creating applications, captured by Oxagile, finds its representation in assisting the customers with business solutions that facilitate the communication with customers and mean the necessary level of digitalization in the contemporary market. Specifically, the company offers e-Commerce, e-Learning, AdTech, Finance, and Entertainment to demonstrate its ability to offer end-to-end web development services to its clients. In essence, the journey includes R&D and consulting, front-end and back-end development, and manual and automated QA.
  • Mobile application development. The focus of Oxagile services in terms of mobile apps building is on creating the solution. Making it different from other custom software development companies, this approach can fix business problems, increase user engagement, and guarantee brand empowerment. In this context, the company works both on iOS and Android platforms, and can even combine them together in a united cross-platform approach.
  • Testing. The Oxagile company offers both QA and automated testing to its clients. On the one hand, software testing means guaranteeing a full-cycle testing and quality assurance – and the competitive advantage of the company is ensured through the working with quality assurance experts, full transparency and responsibility, and QA and business expertise. On another hand, automated testing dimension helps the client to ensure the new product version works well – both on the desktop and in a smartphone.
  • Domain expertise. As the special area of Oxagile interests, custom OTT platform development means that the company accumulated the expert knowledge in crafting video content – and readily shares it with its clients. Among the main services in domain expertise, the company offers Scalable VoD and Live TV platforms, QoE/QoS monitoring and analytics, second screen capabilities, media asset management and orchestration, CDN integration and multi-CDN setups, and multiple monetization strategies.

Advantages of Oxagile

  1. High level of autonomy. As most observers report in their versions of Oxagile custom software development company review, the great thing about working in Oxagile is an opportunity to demonstrate the personal approach to the solution needed. In this context, the fact that most corporate services cannot deliver the promised quality without the full involvement of the creative and expert potential of its workers is evident. Therefore, the company cares about creating the proper atmosphere of autonomy and personal comfort in its space. On the latter aspect, flexible schedule, rich package of benefits, and a wise managerial approach are among the prominent advantages of working with Oxagile custom software development company which were reported by its employees.
  2. Challenging workload. As another consequence of the numerous services offered by the company, Oxagile inevitably turns into the place where it is interesting to work. Specifically, projects are always inspirational and call for the maximization of expertise and creativity of the employees. Besides, the cutting edge tech stack also serves as a justification of the ambition of the Oxagile company to turn into a challenging space that develops both the concentration and artistic skills of its workers.

Disadvantages of Oxagile

  1. Limited personal growth. Being a relatively small company, Oxagile, in contrast to many other custom software development companies, is not capable to guarantee the proper career opportunities to its workers. Because of this, some former employees determine their inability to ensure constant career development as the key problem that provoked them to stop their cooperation with the organization. At the same time, some workers never experienced this problem and keep working for Oxagile for years. In fact, this means that a limited personal growth problem is not a universal one, though can be a serious obstacle of working with the company for long.
  2. Problems in intrapersonal communication. With such a heavy reliance on individualistic growth and creativity, the company inevitably faces the problem of gathering too strange people and is incapable to create a big friendly Oxagile team. In this case, the whole department may seem too introvert and closed to establish the proper dialogue, which reduces the effectiveness of the project delivery as well. On this aspect, HR department is not powerful enough to manage the problem – although, it is influential enough to not allow any conflict to happen.

Our Verdict to Oxagile

In the presented custom software company review, Oxagile received an image of a small-scale company that offers numerous services and relies on individual talent of each worker. At the same time, the key task of this Oxagile review was not only to describe the services and advantages but also to warn of the possible problems with individual growth and talking to co-workers in the office. In short, make sure that you are the Oxagile type of personality before actually entering the space – and you’ll enjoy it then!