OpenXcell Review 2018

Founded:  2009
Employees:  50-249
Revenue:  $2M

Those looking for a mobile app provider with a solid reputation and a proven record of successful projects should definitely take a glance at OpenXcell. This company is ten years old, functioning in two headquarters – the USA and India – since 2008. OpenX specializes in the provision of software engineering solutions, software, and mobile app development, and technology consulting, the blockchain, IOTs, and many other innovative products. Due to a strong focus on excellence and development of innovative products and solutions, OpenXcell has been noted by the GESIA award as the Best Software Development Firm in 2014 and 2015. Read this OpenXcell Review to find out more on the service offers of this company, its beneficial features, cons of working with it, and the ultimate expert conclusion on whether OpenXcell is a worthy partner or employer to consider.

OpenXcell Mobile App Development Services and Much More

  • The OpenXcell mobile app development company provides a range of services to its clients including but not limited to mobile applications. Here is the full range of its product offers:
  • OpenXcell Mobile App Development Services. The company’s owners understand the potential of mobile apps in today’s world and offer a full range of mobile application services ranging from design to implementation, launch, and post-launch app marketing.
  • Software development and engineering. OpenXcell is a CMMI level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified software developer servicing global leaders in terms of design, creation, deployment, and post-deployment maintenance with the application of agile technology.
  • QA and testing. Meticulous attention to detail and product quality distinguishes OpenXcell from other tech service providers. This service aspect usually involves QA process evaluation and design, requirements analysis, and related testing processes.
  • Cloud computing services. The future of computing is in the cloud solutions, and founders of OpenXcell know that. The company renders services for small- and medium-sized businesses for cost and process optimization with the help of SaaS-based software. OpenX engineers can also design and deploy an enterprise-wide cloud infrastructure to smoothen business operations.
  • Chat bot development. Chat bots are in vogue today, as they simplify and automate many business operations, especially in the area of customer interactions. OpenXcell develops effective bots customized for the client needs and performing quality interactions with users in social media, at the corporate websites, and in project management applications.
  • Web and eCommerce products. eCommerce rules the market nowadays, and OpenXcell helps its clients to get rich with its efficient eCommerce apps and solutions. The company develops eCommerce systems on a variety of frameworks and gives user-friendly, robust platforms to its clients for maximizing their ROI.

Advantages of the OpenXcell Mobile App Development Company

  1. While OpenX reviews on the official site of the company may be somewhat biased, we have searched for objective reviews and testimonials on external sites to determine what benefits the company really possesses and offers. This is what the honest OpenXcell review says about the company’s pros:
  2. The company has a really great work culture, with transparent work processes and amazing team members to work with. This benefit was noted by both in-house and outsourced specialists, which means that the OpenX work environment is indeed friendly and positive.
  3. Participative management and a family-like, supportive atmosphere (some commenters admitted the possibility of interactions with the CEO who listens to staff).
  4. Competitive salary and good horizontal infrastructure, a variety of extra-work activities and additional facilities to enjoy.
  5. Ability to strike the right work-life balance.
  6. Availability of a paid paternity leave.
  7. Compliance with strong engineering practices.
  8. Sufficient guidance from senior staff.
  9. Application of the newest technologies and investment of time and money into in-house training, e.g., Angular Js, Node Js, Blockchain, etc.
  10. On the client side, the advantages of OpenXcell are delineated as follows:
  11. Responsiveness and proactivity of the company’s team; ability to handle problematic projects and complete them with full client satisfaction;
  12. Innovative product and service offers with realistic budgets and deadlines;
  13. Creative approach;
  14. Solid app development knowledge and expertise;
  15. Openness to dialogue and change, respect to client needs and expectations;
  16. Flexibility in customer and project management issues.

Disadvantages of OpenX Corporation

  1. Discussion of disadvantages of the OpenX Technologies in our OpenX review is hard, since there are no negative testimonials from clients available, neither at the company’s official site, not on external sources. However, current and former employees of the company gave some negative OpenX reviews on certain aspects of its organization of work with staff. For instance, OpenXcell staff regard the company’s cons to be:
  2. Fairly competitive salaries, but with a growth potential;
  3. Non-constructive and inconvenient leave policies;
  4. Poor HR policy;
  5. A rigid organizational structure (which is quite uncommon for tech companies of the 21st century and makes the interactions within and between teams more problematic);
  6. Hard working conditions of the service team employees;
  7. An absence of extra employee benefits;
  8. Non-satisfactory level of appraisal and rewards for the completed work;
  9. Non-responsive top management;
  10. A small number of paid leaves;
  11. Fixed time for a one-hour break, which makes it hard to plan the work time and some extra activities flexibly;
  12. A lack of refreshment activities;
  13. Some Saturdays are working days (e.g., in the periods of approaching deadlines or urgent project revisions).
  14. Thus, as one can see, most OpenXcell reviews of bad nature are related to the organization of working time and staff management issues such as in-house training, appraisal, personal and professional development, etc.

A Final Say on OpenXcell Review

Our OpenXcell Review shows quite a different perception of the company from the client and staff side, which is overall natural. The OpenXcell Review appreciate the professionalism and expertise with which the company’s staff handles innovative, knowledge-intensive projects, while the OpenX review reveals some internal problems and inconsistencies in the workspace and management organization. For instance, while catering for utmost client satisfaction, the OpenXcell management is much less concerned about convenience and flexibility of its own staff; in case the matters of staff discontent are handled more proactively, the staff commitment may increase manifold, also affecting the corporation’s overall performance.