Metova Review: Everything You Should Know

Founded:  2006
Employees:  250-499
Revenue:  $10.5M

Metova is an American company providing mobile, web, enterprise, connected home, connected vehicle, IoT and Cybersecurity solutions that change how people live, work, and play through technology. Metova’s unique boutique+scale business promotes a culture of teamwork, creativity, and personal development that has attracted leading engineering, strategy and design talent. Among the specific features of Metova Inc. is that it gives clients the scale needed to tackle any size project, and at the same time delivers the service and intimacy of a boutique shop. Metova custom software development company is operating in thee locations across the US, namely in Conway, Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Franklin, Tennessee. This custom software company review is designed to see the best services offered by the company, their advantages and disadvantages.

Services Metova has to offer

  • Mobile self-service stands for transition of all communication actions like scheduling, purchasing, engagement and in-app communication to a smartphone. Metova inc has an expertise in extending client’s business to mobile applications for convenience and quick access of its customers. This is one of the top services for any kind of service companies, including food delivery, arranging lawn care, or auditioning eyewear. Metova also claims, as seen from other Metova reviews, that their mobile self service developments give restaurants a leg up on the competition by reducing the friction of ordering, helping to predict inventory and staffing needs, that all together result in reduction of costs.
  • Connected home is a service offered by Metova Inc., allowing you as a client to connect numerous functions of your home through a smartphone. Metova is primarily occupied with building of specific everyday solutions to connect products and services into the home. As is seen from the company’s survey on usage of connected home technologies, nearly 90% of consumers own a connected home device with nearly 70% already making the purchase of a voice-controlled connected home device which presents great opportunities for company to grow in the field.
  • Connected vehicle as a service provided by Metova custom software development company stands for delivery of entertainment services into vehicles, both through smartphone integration as well as embedment into the car itself. It is also possible to connect wearable products to connected cars for the purpose of combining convenience with advanced technology. The recent survey by Metova custom software solutions emphasizes that 88% of consumers value the implementation of newest technologies in their cars, while over 50% already have a vehicle that connects to Internet via a phone or directly.

Advantages of working with Metova

  1. Development of mobile applications is rather a wide specialization, as these may vary in complexity, requirements, and purposes. Metova’s specialization in development of mobile self service applications stands out as already mentioned in other Metova reviews. Being able to understand the particular needs of the business, as well as perspective of the customers, and coordinate them is of highest value for company’s clients and therefore constitute a significant advantage for the services Metova offers.
  2. Development of connected home services by Metova inc allows to augment the already existing connected home systems, namely Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homepod. According to Andrew Cowart, CTO at Metova, developers at Metova custom software development company have also expressed the most interest in Amazon’s Alexa platform, due to the wide array of devices it’s available on, and the ease of setting up something quickly. However, its developers possess necessary skills to develop for any of the mentioned above connected home apps as the need may be.
  3. Complexity of connected car systems development impresses and accounts for Metova’s one of the greatest advantages. As a key development and strategic partner for leading automobile manufacturers and entertainment service providers, Metova not only continuously builds on their technical expertise, but also strives to understand consumer outlook and trends. This pipeline of information combined with world-leading development and technology skills enables Metova to provide unparalleled strategic advising combined with end-to-end execution.

Disadvantages of Metova services

  1. Absence of explicit examples and cases on the company’s website for mobile self service is among the greatest disadvantages of possible cooperations with Metova inc. Why? Well, it showcases that company has not achieved any success in this field and may even be quite bad at it. Lack of practical evidence prevents a client from ordering, as he or she cannot guess the quality of the service to be offered.
  2. Privacy concerns expressed by 6 out of 10 consumers cannot but be a large disadvantage of Metova custom software solutions. The issue of the privacy is that sometimes connected home systems also encompass all the passwords, login details, door lock keys, etc. If such are stolen, clients are exposed to burglaries and other unpleasant things. Even though manufacturers and developers are trying to make it easier to manage the security of home network,consumers should also be conscious of the reputation of the manufacturer they are buying home automation products from – do a quick search of the company name and privacy/security, and make sure there are no recent offenses.
  3. As regards the connected vehicle development, Metova custom software solutions are still in the early stages of exploring this technology, and therefore are not ultimate leaders on the connected vehicle market. However, such a weakness may be mitigated by gaining more expertise and experience in work on different projects and custom software development.

Verdict about Metova custom software development services

According to this Metova review, one may see that company’s competencies are mostly concentrated in the field of automation, digitalization and custom software development. Among such strongest competencies are mobile self service development, connected vehicle and house technologies. As this Metova review has also disclosed, not every service is reliable enough due to lack of experience and relevant expertise of the company’s developers. Nevertheless, each of the services provided by the company is likely to be leading the world into a better and more connected future, and therefore has to be considered. Maybe in a couple of years, this company becomes the leading company in automation, and such a possibility is not overestimated.