Luxoft Review: Everything You Need To Know

Founded:  2000
Employees:  10000+
Revenue:  $650.8 M

Luxoft is an international custom software development company founded by Dmitry Loschinin and operating in 20 countries in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, and South Africa. Luxoft company solves complicated software tasks in a number of industries, starting from agriculture and to healthcare. The latest technologies combined with talented and highly skilled workforce from all over the world count for its main strengths. In this Luxoft review we will examine strong and weak points of the company for you to be able to choose IT partners wisely.

What Luxoft Has To Offer Its Clients

  • Financial services include four main directions: technology services, consulting and transformation, system integration, and advanced technologies, some of these will be listed as separate services in the Luxoft review owing to the special value these add to client’s business. Generally, this group of services is provided by a company from the luxoft family called Excelian.
  • Application development is at core of the Luxoft software development solutions. The company’s software engineering process collects and translates business requirements into innovative technology solutions that become reality with custom software development. A full spectrum of development services, including core business applications and back-office IT solutions, are offered by the Luxoft company helping client to gain competitive advantage.
  • Architecture development falls into the consulting and transformation category and stands for the development of the agile IT architecture, relevant to the business needs of the client. By looking for the best practices and success stories from global digital leaders like Google and Amazon, the Luxoft company adapts their philosophies in ways that suit its clients.
  • Technology transformation at Luxoft is principally important as it leverages the best technology and implementation approach for clients to achieve their growth objectives and address the existing pressures of ongoing technological advancement. As an experienced technology partner, Luxoft software development company delivers complex transformation projects, while shortening time to market, and successfully establishing resilient, flexible technology infrastructure.
  • User Experience and Front End Technologies are keys to enhancing customer engagement. Therefore, Excelian combines a deep understanding of client’s business with market knowledge to propose the best possible solutions.
  • DevOps at Luxoft company help clients to control, manage, and optimize delivery pipelines, ensuring higher quality, compliance, and enabling speed and scalability which are of vital importance nowadays.
  • Automotive services is another broad category of services offered by Luxoft software development company as it aims to bring Stunning User Experiences to road. These activities include development of digital cockpits, navigation and ADAS, Under-the-Hood practices, Diagnostics, and advanced software development and verification.
  • Digital transformation is managed by Luxoft digital and includes advisory, acceleration and engineering to achieve a higher aspiration of enabling monumental changes to established patterns through the application of innovative technology.

Advantages Of The Luxoft Company Services

  1. Specialization in the financial services manifested through an independently established entity Excelian counts for the company’s advantages, as it allows its management and professionals concentrate on one field and develop expertise in it.
  2. For application development, the company actively participates in worldwide quality standards like ISO 9001 and 27001, and also applies the development methodologies including Agile, XP, Scrum,and CMMI Level5. This showcases its professional competence.
  3. Combination of technology areas, like HTML5, mobile and front-end technologies, Big Data and NoSQL, Grid Computing, Cloud, Agility and DevOps allows for a more efficient architecture building, and thus is definitely an advantage of Luxoft software development solutions.
  4. Approaching the technology transformation challenges holistically, Luxoft software solutions enable the realization of high complexity projects, making the best use of existing systems and applications, while bringing a depth of innovation to each technology framework.
  5. Nearshore team set-up allows for a cost-effective but quality User Experience, and Front End Development are among the company’s strengths, as such approach enables clients to have greater flexibility with engagement type and cost.
  6. A range of services offered within the DevOps capacity, including Automation assessment, DevOps assessment, Toolchain advisory and DevOps integration into an organization ensures matching of client’s needs in the most effective way.
  7. Presence of automotive services in the set of Luxoft software solutions is of value owing to its rarity and complexity in realization.
  8. Alignment of technology, research, and innovation being at the core of the Luxoft software development solutions in digital transformations is likely to accelerate transformation processes, and thus add significant value to the client’s business.

Disadvantages of Luxoft Software Solutions

  1. Excelian being situated in London and Frankfurt is less manageable for clients from other companies, as intercultural differences and time differences pose serious threats to effective software development.
  2. Absence of app development in concert with website development makes its usage not of ultimate value, since companies usually have a number of different platforms and seek to ensure their effectiveness in combination with each other.
  3. The company’s approach to architecture development is not innovative enough to ensure the ultimate software architecture, since it is built on the existing software solutions of global companies.
  4. Technology transformation not being a core competence of the company, but rather a manifest of adaptability in the age of technologies, is quite a risky service to buy from the company.
  5. Even though nearshore teams are rather efficient, the offshore team working on distance and with drastic time differences may pose several management risks for the company and its clients.
  6. Due to the fact DevOps team excessively focus on time to market, it is not focusing on unification of software development and software operation for the internal efficiency of the client’s business.
  7. Perils of autonomous driving and its development on the level of software is among the top disadvantages of such services.
  8. Again as in the case with technology transformation, field of digital technologies is not the company’s core competence, and thus brings up doubts as to its efficiency.

Final Assertion on Luxoft Company

All in all, there are reasons for Luxoft to belong to the top software development companies in the world. Its core competence in financial services and innovative approaches in the automotive industry impress. However, according to the Luxoft company review, there are also several disadvantages of the services offered by the company which primarily lie in the too wide range of specialisations with the core being only financial services. Still, as Luxoft company review states, this company is worth working with for its tremendously skilled employees and eighteen-years long experience on the global markets.