Kony Review 2018

Founded:  2007
Employees:  1000-4999
Revenue:  $26 M

Kony, Inc. is a US-based software development company operating in Austin, Texas; it was founded in 2007 in Orlando and released its first authentic product, KonyOne Platform, in 2009. At present, Kony specializes in the enterprise software solutions and provides support via its Mobile App Development platform. Right now, the company has subsidiary offices in eight countries besides the US, including the UK, Germany, India, Hong Kong, and Australia, among others. This Kony review is made to show what the company currently offers to its clients, what is good and bad about working with it, and what the client and staff experience with Kony is. Read on to learn more about the quality of Kony software and service.

Kony review: The Range of Kony Development Services

  • At present, the range of Kony solutions for businesses includes:
  • Support. Kony provides a realm of support services for various client needs ranging from mobile app support at any stage of their development and functioning; hosting, and platform support services available for clients 24/7. Kony experts perform troubleshooting and provide timely responses on all issues.
  • Consulting. Kony software specialists provide cutting-edge omni-channel app development consulting and app deployment services for the best client performance. As a result of careful design and customization, Kony development solutions ensure proper management of innovation and change.
  • Complex customer success programs. Kony solutions offer a full-size success plan for any client involving the aspects of technical support, account management, and training. Use of such benefits ensures smooth app/business operation and maximum ROI for the clients.
  • As one can see from this Kony review, Kony is actually a full-scale solution for support of business app development, from the conception stage to deployment and post-launch support. Such a service offer package is attractive for many clients not wishing to hire several subcontractors for several stages of their app development projects. Thus, Kony development services are indeed a great option to consider for companies with such needs.

Advantages of Working with Kony

  1. Due to such a range of services and the company’s meticulous attention to quality and communication, most clients remain satisfied with service they get at Kony. Most positive experiences are associated with the following benefits:
  2. No need to code software for full code development (the availability of automated coding feature), which ensures that the app operation is effortless and the product development lifecycle is shorter;
  3. The Kony platform offers a pre-built backend integration feature, which makes the entire setup much easier and smoother;
  4. Robust HA/DR and performance SLAs;
  5. Excellent functionality for app design, with multiple features simplifying the quick transition from development phase to app evaluation and testing;
  6. Well-integrated development environment, user-friendly interface for work;
  7. Flexibility of app design within a pre-made, solid framework, which is an optimal combination for app developers;
  8. Customized implementation and modernization of designed applications;
  9. Kony software’s full compatibility with the publishing and prototype design sharing needs of some businesses;
  10. Direct API connection;
  11. Multi-platform nature of the Kony solutions offer.
  12. As one can see, this set of advantages is surely a sizeable argument for choosing this provider over others. However, some disadvantages also exist, as in any other large company, and they should also be given credit for the sake of objectivity.

Disadvantages of the Kony Company

  1. Besides the promised benefits and enjoyable vendor experience that Kony declares on its official site (and which can be witnessed by numerous positive reviews), some staff members still see a set of disadvantages in the Kony company. Some flaws they have noted include:
  2. Occasional hardship striking the right work-life balance because of hectic working schedules and even the need to stay till late night at work, especially when the deadlines on important projects are approaching.
  3. High work pressure. As compared to many other big IT firms that provide a huge realm of relaxation and active pastime opportunities, Kony is much more focused on the work productivity than on staff’s rest.
  4. Lower pay than in most companies of this level and kind.
  5. Limited use of the in-house training skills. This means that once an employee is provided in-house training, it is mostly related to company-specific projects and products, making such experience irrelevant for the worker’s portfolio.
  6. A low level of worker flexibility. As many other software companies provide their staff with a great range of flexibility options, this Kony review revealed that the present company is not among them.
  7. Unfortunately, that’s not all about Kony’s disadvantages, as one can easily find a number of dissatisfied reviews of its performance online. For instance, the clients noted such problems when hiring Kony as:
  8. Poor quality and lack of urgency that the company’s staff revealed towards one of the clients’ order implementation;
  9. Communication issues;
  10. Overall poor analytics provided;
  11. Insufficient integration and deployment quality;
  12. Mediocre product capabilities;
  13. Insufficient service and support of the product Kony developed for the client.
  14. Reviews suggest that while Kony’s product and service offers are promising and attractive, its outsourced Indian team leaves much to be desired in terms of many work aspects mentioned above. Thus, based on the flaws noted during cooperation with Kony on one of the app development projects, the clients recommend improvements for quality control and urgency issues in the company, together with the communication issues and delays of fixing the errors.

The Conclusion of Our Kony Review

The overall impression of the Kony company is mixed, since in general, Kony development services are greatly priced and enjoy high popularity among clients worldwide. This name is well-known in the world of software development, and the company’s many years of existence suggest that it enjoys stable clientele and advances its product and service quality. However, numerous complaints considering the poor Kony solutions and low quality of service by the outsourced Indian team imply the need to either restructure the overseas department and hire more qualified talent to it, or to shift the majority of strategically important operations back to the USA to keep to the original promise of quality contained in the name “Kony.”