Intellectsoft Review: Reasons to Hire the Company

Founded:  2007
Employees:  50-249
Revenue:  $8.6 M

Intellectsoft is a full-cycle, mobile software development company operating on the market since 2007. With clients like Jaguar & Land Rover, Eurostar, Harley-Davidson, and the NHS, they have slowly been conquering the software development world in a variety of industries. Starting from construction and right to music industry, Intellectsoft is working to create exemplary software solutions for world-famous clients. In this Intellectsoft review, we will look at the main services the company has to offer, their benefits, and possible drawbacks.

Things Intellectsoft Has To Offer Clients

  • Team extension is a service provided by the company to teams who cannot perform their tasks with the available human resources. In other words, Intellectsoft offers its personnel to work in other companies and provide software development solutions to their problems. In some cases, this includes recruiting of IT specialists for the specific needs of one’s business, as well as providing own software development teams with talented engineers quickly and efficiently.
  • Product engineering is a solution for businesses requiring a reliable enterprise software to support the substantive part of its operations. Especially, if a solution has to be scalable, easily combined with already existing software and mobile apps, and incorporating advanced technology. Intellectsoft, according to the intellectsoft reviews, has all the experience, instruments, and expertise to develop such a demanding custom software.
  • Mobile development allows to bring more value to customers by adding mobility and managing Big Data in a more efficient way. Intellectsoft may develop a variety of mobile apps including enterprise apps, industry specific mobile apps, as well as mobile platforms with pre-made modules.
  • IT Consulting service includes consulting for enterprise architecture transition, the delivery of high-quality IT products, and for the efficiency of the software portfolio. Consulting services include four main stages, starting with in-depth analysis of the existing software solution, followed by development of a strategy, analysis of the performance, and its ultimate improvement.
  • DevOps is aimed at optimization and automation of software development with the IT operations activities so that the client’s company will achieve fast and non-disruptive delivery and a consistently high level of software quality.
  • UI and UX design offered by Intellectsoft company will help a client to create high-level user experience design across multiple devices and platforms. Apart from the design itself, Intellectsoft software development company has to offer AR experience design along with design and consulting.
  • Quality Assurance delivered by the best software development company has a multilevel system with the following testing levels: Unit, API, Integration, System, and Acceptance. This is not to mention a number of different types the company offers, starting from functional testing at all levels and to changes or improvements software QA services.

Advantages of Cooperating with Intellectsoft Company

  1. Advantages of hiring Intellectsoft company for team extension is that this would be the team professionally selected and compounded given the needs of the business and the challenge to work on. Highly skillful Eastern European professionals possess the unique combination of hard and soft skills essential for success in software engineering.
  2. Ability of the top software development company to develop not only new software but also significantly improve the existing one counts for Intellectsoft main advantage. In case a client utilizes a well-coordinated SaaS and on-premise third-party applications, the company will improve the existing software infrastructure with well-built microservices, reliable application programme interface, and data integration.
  3. Solid competencies in the number of latest technologies including Blockchain, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Internet of Things count for another great advantage of the best software development company. Expertise in these fields may be used in a number of industries and thus adds significant value to the clients’ performances.
  4. A decade-long experience in development of the intellectsoft software solutions makes its consulting services trustworthy and impactful.
  5. Comprehensive approach to the software and operations manifested in the DevOps activities is among the main advantages best software development company has to offer its clients.
  6. Standardization of procedures for UX and UI designers allows to ensure high quality and timely delivery of any product. As a result, a client is provided with a skillful and organized team that knows what to do.
  7. Large variety of testings offered by the company makes it stand out among other competitors who rather specialise in few types of testings. Thus intellectsoft software solutions ensure 360-degree testing of a product, which ultimately results in its better efficiency.

Disadvantages Of Commanding Intellectsoft Software Development Services

  1. Disadvantages of team augmentations provided by Intellectsoft is that there may be cultural differences and thus conflicts at the workplace. However, with properly prepared management staff, this will not be an issue at all.
  2. Disadvantage of hiring external company for development of the internal software is that upon completion of the development, this company will not be responsible for further support and maintenance of the newly established or renewed systems.
  3. Need to constantly maintain a mobile app developed by external developers also constitutes a challenge for client’s company.
  4. Since consulting services are paid in an hourly rate system, employment of intercultural teams to work on solutions may drag consulting processes on and thus cost too much money for the client.
  5. The fact that company’s talent pool is situated in the Eastern Europe may also present some difficulties for the DevOps activities, as these require in-house presence of specialists. However, the possibility of staff rotation will most likely solve this problem.
  6. A wide range of company’s specialisations also poses some risks to clients, as this indicates company’s readiness to work on a variety of projects and thus not mastering its competencies in a particular direction.
  7. The fact that the company does not specialize in testing alone poses some risk of intentional statement of the product’s inefficiency to be hired for its improvement. This is, though, a very rare occasion for IT industry.

Conclusion on the Quality of Intellectsoft Software Solutions

According to the Intellectsoft Review, one may conclude that the company is well-worth working with and outsourcing complex IT tasks to, providing best software development services. The talented and highly-skilled employees of the company will help you find ultimately efficient software solutions to ensure growth of your business and its profitability. The decade-long experience in software development, as well as competencies in the latest technologies are of greater importance than the insignificant drawbacks mentioned above.