Globant Review

Founded:  2003
Employees:  10000+
Revenue:  $258.3 M

As one of the main players on the digital market, Globant software product development company offers software solutions that enable designing and launching online products. Labeled as “digital journeys,” these services include, among all, building a website, an app, and an omnichannel experience. As the company specifies by itself, three elements that enable delivering the best service to clients include engineering, innovation, and design. And together, they increase the relevance and boost the composition and discovery of development capabilities. Specifically, the relevance pillar includes informing the clients through blogging, reporting, leading webinars and other educational services. As for the building, Globant company uses real-life data that appear in their studios on strategy, specialty and foundation, Agile Pods, and platforms. Finally, discovery stage creates a loop of a constant adjusting the product to the customers’ needs, meaning working on innovations in labs and on playgrounds. In addition, sustainability is the corporate value that deserves the special attention of the company. On this matter, each department within Globant software product development company considers ethics and interests of all the stakeholders, along with caring about the ecosystem and maintaining tolerance.

Globant Software Product Development Services: Three Main Studios at a Glance

  • Foundation: cycles of product development. Globant software is among the most appraised services. And in foundation studios, it works on making cloud OPS, quality and UI engineering, scalable platforms, continuous evolutions, and cybersecurity. In each of these aspects, the principle of “digital journey” is maintained – be this DevOps integration into the development cycle, working on accessibility considerations or designing API management. Globant everywhere is presented as a company that views service delivery as a constant process of adjustment the service to clients’ needs.
  • Specialty: design and development services. Within Globant, the wide range of software product development includes UX design, mobile, gaming, big data, IoT, digital content, and media OTT. In this context, the interests of customers and the need to catch the contemporary trends is maintained. Various types of design, engineering, gamification, data processing, consultancy, and content creation are all dedicated to these two high aims.
  • Strategy: customer insight services. In strategic terms, Globant works in the dimensions of organizational future, consulting, product acceleration, process automation, Agile delivery, AI, and staying relevant. As the core element of all these incentives, informing and educating customers is the essential part of the corporate services. In this dimension, the company works on designing special sessions, conducting a laboratory-based research, and launching trend analysis – all this to make sure the corporate behavior has a relevant background and is up-to-date.

Advantages of Working With Globant

  1. Interesting and challenging work. If to refer to Globant reviews, it can be easily noticed how valued and appraised is this enterprise on market. As the most frequently appearing feature, interesting challenges are an inherent part of Globant working culture. Being concentrated on personalized approach in delivering services, the company designs a project-based approach of working. Because of this, each service created has its own specifics and calls for creativity enhancement. In addition, this situation makes its possible for flexibility to appear.
  2. The office that is pleasant to go for work. Corporate culture, based on creativity and sustainability, turns Globant into an awesome place to work. Being both comfortable and innovative, it encourages talents to enter and develop their skills in the company. In this context, the corporate leaders care about creating a package of healthcare and entertainment feature at the workplace, which also highly increase the attractiveness of Globant technologies in the digital work market. In short, it can be felt like home – and this means that work-life balance is managed greatly.
  3. Personal development opportunities. As a successfully performing on market enterprise, Globant software product development company makes it possible to gain experience of working with the top clients all over the world. In other words, the high level of expertise is among the key priorities of the company that should be surely taken into the consideration.

Disadvantages of Globant Company

  1. Promotion limits. Among the key disadvantages mentioned in Globant reviews, many observers mention low salary plan and weak job promotion. In other words, though the company mentions sustainability as its main priority, including the interests of all the stakeholders, most employees do not enjoy the full satisfaction with the workplace. In this context, some people even noticed sexist and racist approach to promoting workers, which also means that cooperating with Globant is not as pleasant as it may seem at the very beginning.
  2. HR ineffectiveness. Strict corporate structure pros are surely not the strongest side of Globant. Because of this, the corporate members suffer from the lack of communication and high level of decentralization within the company. In this context, HR department does not meet the necessary requirements to guarantee the proper and smooth work process. Moreover, the internal processes within Globant remain a enigma for most of the new workers, which also indicates a low effectiveness of HR department work.
  3. Uncareful selection of projects. In fact, the high level of flexibility and client-orientation may end in the readiness to take uninteresting and useless projects, and this disadvantage is frequently reported by the former Globant workers. Because of this perception, the image of Globant technologies experiences significant worsening.

Our Verdict to Globant Company

In sum, this overview of Globant software product development services showed that the company is surely worth considering closely. The flexible approach to meeting customer demands along with the sophisticated range of services make the option of Globant truly worth considering. In particular, the prominent pros of entering the company include work comfort, interesting job, and the high level of expertise. At the same time, the job is not appropriate for people who are not ready to work within the non-structured corporate limits, considering the difficulties in communication with certain departments and within projects.