Globallogic Review: Pros And Cons Working With A Company

Founded:  2000
Employees:  10000+
Revenue:  $128.5 M

GlobalLogic is a Digital Product Engineering Services company founded in 2000, headquartered in San Jose, California. Among the services provided by GlobalLogic are software product development services, experience design, complex systems engineering, content engineering, and self-contained engineering labs. Clients of GlobalLogic usually come from the following six industry verticals: communications, media, high-tech, automotive, medical technology, and retail industries. The company proclaims itself to be a full-lifecycle software development company that combines Experience Design, Complex Engineering, and Agile Delivery to give the best software product in the shortest time. Its design-led approach enables to leverage client’s Digital transformation strategy. In this globallogic review we will try to look at one of the biggest IT services and figure out its strong and weak points.

Globallogic Services Offerings

  • Experience design is seen by globallogic as an underlying concept for any subsequent software development. Globallogic, therefore, has a design-led approach to software engineering, in which UX design plays a crucial role. To design customer experience appropriately, globallogic product engineering company performs the following actions, either alone or together with its design arm, Method: brand development and strategy consultation, quantitative market research and ethnography, customer trend analysis and journey mapping, design-driven product and user experience development, technology integration and prototyping,and brand integration across all product and organization touchpoints.
  • Product engineering as a service at Globallogic is aimed at value creation throughout the product’s lifecycle. To this end, GlobalLogic partners with digital-ready customers to continuously innovate products and services, including developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for lean and agile product testing, and providing digital transformation consulting services. Product engineering services thus include Product consultation and advisory services, Product ideation and system architecture design, Iterative product development, Localization and professional services, Re-platforming and digital transformation services, and finally Product deployment, support, and maintenance.
  • Digital services for Globallogic company is a way to solve client’s problem with the help of the modern software development processes and digital technologies. As seen from this globallogic review, digital services go in line with the software development and emphasis on the design approach, and therefore add significant value to the clients’ businesses. In this category Globallogic provides the following services: digital advisory, design strategy, design services, lean/mvp services, and finally, digital labs.
  • Content engineering is a way to structure data produced by digital devices — from low-level sensors to enterprise ERP systems — so that content does not turn to be an untapped resource. These fall into the category of content engineering of globallogic company: data structuring and categorization, reporting, metrics, and analysis solutions, multi-media content digitization, creation, and translation, automated tools for ocr, pattern detection, semantic analytics, etc.

Advantages of the GlobalLogic services

  1. Cooperation with Method, a global design firm, of which Globallogic is a parent company, is one of the strengths of its user experience design services. This strength lies in the fact that only with the help of a specialized unit or department it is actually possible to conduct an in-depth research of what a customer may like or require, and develop a strategy in accordance with his or her preferences or needs, respectively. That is why, cooperation with narrowly specialized companies being equally experienced and competent is nothing but a great relief for developers who will then have time to focus on the very software product engineering.
  2. Wide range of latest technologies competences makes globallogic product engineering company undoubtedly a worthy competitor on the market of IT services. Among the core technological competencies Globallogic masters are design, mobile, embedded, cloud, Internet of Things, DevOps, Big Data and Analytics. Each of the technologies can be applied across the globallogic solutions and thus ensure their efficiency and competitiveness.
  3. Digital labs are the main environment for development of the globallogic technologies in the digital world. The main advantage of using digital labs is that it allows to combine strategic and tactical design with Lean/MVP services for further implementation of programs.

Disadvantages of the services provided by GlobalLogic company

  1. Miscommunication and misunderstanding may take place in the course of the globallogic solutions development in case there is a couple of teams from different countries cooperating on the same project. The possible danger here is that when the researching company is situated not in the country where the project is to be executed, results of the research may be irrelevant or purely insightful to actually solve the client’s issue. In this very case, everything depends on management and project distribution within Globallogic and Method.
  2. MVP as a primary focus of product development is a bit outdated in the nowadays realities, given the emergence of a principally new category which is MAP - minimum awesome product. Since users are getting used to a minimum of quality and tend to expect that of all new products, concept of minimum viable product does not solve the actual issue. Therefore, globallogic product engineering company should aim at MAP for lean and agile product testing, instead of the declared MVP.
  3. Since digital services imply automation and no or little human interaction, development and introduction of such is rather a technical challenge and may even have dangerous consequences. Do not count this for technophobia, simply take into consideration that run for innovation does not always end with satisfying result. Same with content engineering which becomes more and more automated in the recent times, as many globallogic company reviews may state.

Verdict about GlobalLogic product engineering services

This GlobalLogic review looks at what services does the Globallogic company offer, and whether it is worth buying these services from it. If you wish to find information on the services not covered in this review, please find some other globallogic company reviews. All in all, the mission of the company being disruption of new industries and clients’ expectations is well realized through the mentioned above services, though some of them may have particular disadvantages. Nevertheless, the design-led approach and desire to innovate will likely to continue be the company’s distinctive features.