Fueled Review

Founded:  2007
Employees:  50-249
Revenue:  $15.7 M

Basically, Fueled app development company is an enterprise that specializes in product promotion, design, and development. Though being a rather generalized description, one of the facts that make it special is working with both startups and big companies (this approach, among all, enables the wide experience base available for the workers). In addition, the corporate efforts are highly appraised by the clients – and most observers acknowledge products of Fueled as quick, nice, interactive, and simple. Therefore, this overview is aimed at creating a specialized and realistic Fueled review.

The Main Services Delivered by Fueled

  • Branding. To start with, the Fueled company recognizes the importance of designing the language for branding service as the basis of customer’s communication with the clients. In this case, the brainstorming approach is adopted to create the pull of possible variants with further choosing the best one among them. What is important, picking the brand is based on the interaction with experts along with the direct discussion with the client. With such a complex attitude, Fueled manages to deliver both high-quality and satisfying service on market.
  • User experience. On the second stage of app development, UX principle grounds on the need to arrange the elements on the screen in the best manner. As for the Fueled app development, it meets this need properly, meaning perfect reaction and natural appearance of their services offered to users. Specifically, the company delivers the UX orders in the appearance of app’s blueprints.
  • User interface. After creating wireframes and blueprints, Fueled works on UI to make the product ready to be shown to clients. On this stage of app development, screens are selected carefully and the product is moved to the development team. Being closely linked with UX within the corporate structure, UI guarantees the best experience to clients.
  • Polish. Finally, Fueled seriously considers polishing as their special feature which makes the result as unique as they want. Specifically, in contrast to the common practices of app development companies, this feature of Fueled app development really makes its work special. It’s hard to describe how polishing works, but it refers to all those tiny things that contribute to the general image of a product, making it strikingly different from all the others.

Advantages of Fueled App Development Company

  1. Top-rank quality of client base. As the Fueled company explains its approach to choosing the clients, it doesn’t catch the trends of winning the contracts with business sharks. What is much more important is the quality of the client – no matter whether it is a startup or a vendor. Because of this, it becomes much more pleasant to work in the company. In particular, its carefully chosen clientele creates a high-quality standard that makes the workers learn faster and enjoy the process of cooperation to the fullest.
  2. Comfort and entertainment behind the hard-working process. Fueled app development company is mostly acknowledged as a company that heavily relies on both the effectiveness and entertainment. On the latter aspect, the achievements are easily visible – Fueled is the working place that has its own bar, resting areas, ping pong tables, and inspiring location in SoHo area within NYC. In fact, these efforts put on making the company a comfortable place to work are so prominent that each and every worker who ever attended the office recognizes its beauty and fun. Be that a cold brew bottle for free or an amazing view from the office window, each person finds his/her reason to be happy and inspired while working in Fueled.
  3. Hiring process. Many observers highly ranked the people working in Fueled – the employees are mostly considered as nice, skillful, and talented. In terms of dedication of this factor to Fueled app development review, this feature is closely linked with the high level of expertise set by the customers of Fueled services. In this context, the corporate staff celebrates innovative and challenging tasks their management offers them. Besides, the whole working culture encourages revealing creative potential, which also results in creating inspiring and innovative teams.

Disadvantages of Fueled App Development Company

  1. Hard relations with the leadership. In fact, several former workers, while contributing to this Fueled app development review, complained about their inability to establish the proper communication with the higher management. Partially, this was a consequence of a rapid growth the company experienced right after its establishment – and failed to catch properly in the organizational structure. At the same time, Fueled still ignores the need to establish the internal projects within the company – which means the problem is still sharp for low-rank workers.
  2. Lack of interaction between the workers. Even though Fueled company dedicates significant attention to the office beautification, the very content of relations between the employees is problematic. In addition to not that smooth interaction with the corporate management, the fact that team building activities are not that popular within Fueled makes it harder to establish a truly friendly atmosphere in the office. And considering the situation when the company works on the basis of specifically chosen projects that are always of the highest importance, the need for proper integration of all the efforts put by teams is crucial. Since it does not happen, the effectiveness of Fueled app development is not as high as it can potentially be.
  3. High employee turnover. Not with standing the above-mentioned advantages of working with Fueled, many people still leave the company. Probably, because good relations between people and clear opportunities to grow are more important than a nice view and cold brew at hand… In any case, the appearance of employee turnover in an app development company review signalizes of the severe problems commonly not that visible for third-party observers.

Our Verdict to Fueled Company

In sum, this Fueled review revealed the company is not a NYC fairytale but a typical IT company that has both problems and benefits for its employees. What’s worth considering here is the fact that the office is truly beautiful, but entering the company should be made carefully – people can either inspire or disappoint.