Epam Review

Founded:  1993
Employees:  10000+
Revenue:  $1.2 B

EPAM software product development company is known for its willingness to build multidimensional solutions that include business consultancy, design thinking, sophisticated engineering, up-to-date operations, and process optimization. With such a broad product line, it is relevant to view the company as the provider that enables the full process of corporate transformation, supporting it from the beginning till the end. And the growth opportunities, global scale, partnering options, and solutions-centered approach make this ambition work the best. But does these features guarantee the best experience for the employees and clients? Look closer at this EPAM review to find out the answer to this question.

Epam Software Product Development Services

  • Consulting. The areas of consultancy interests of EPAM Systems include industry, experience, technology, innovation, platform/product strategy and data science. As for the precise list of core competencies of the company in this dimension, its abilities to provide practical advice, create a product-centered approach, guarantee appropriate delivery, and ensure the expected outcomes make EPAM totally worthy and reliable to refer to.
  • Design. In terms of design, the key features of EPAM products include both the deep understanding of the emotional background and the need to provide the highest level of expertise to guarantee the proper experience. And these ideas find their representation in service design, customer experience, data visualization, VR and AR, AI, and solution architecture. Such tremendous efforts make it relevant to state in this EPAM Systems review that the company delivers beautiful and functional design along with joyful user experience.
  • Engineering. EPAM in its software product development pays the significant attention to sticking to engineering trends. Consequently, this situation calls for the special category of services to appear. In this context, EPAM software product development services in terms of the basic engineering solutions include engineering excellence, digital platforms, enterprise applications, Agile application development, IoT, and cloud with DevOps. Again, the special features of the engineering practice in EPAM include its widely appraised high standards and great performance.
  • Operations. Furthermore, the company’s operating services acknowledge the rising importance of smart automation and the increased interest in the intelligent enterprise hubs. To meet the demand, EPAM software designed various services to operate the business wisely, including the creation of new BPO/KPO, dedicated delivery centers, and SAAS and PAAS. Here, the competitive advantage is ensured by focusing on modern tools, enhancing DevOps, and grounding on the principles of automation and security.
  • Optimization. Finally, optimization is understood by EPAM as the need to be quick and refer to the clients directly on the contemporary market. Because of this, the company developed the special services of delivery optimization, managed services, BPO/KPO, robotic process and test automation, and security testing. All the findings in this dimension are data-driven and have a clear customer value and investment guarantees.

Advantages of Epam Systems

  1. Work-life balance. While creating EPAM company review, many observers find themselves surprised by the way this employer manages to create appropriate work-life balance within its organizational structure. For example, among the various options for healthcare the company offers, insurance, fitness compensation, and schedule adjustments are striking and highly attractive. This situation demonstrates the overall effectiveness of HR department within EPAM software product development company, which constantly improves and creates an appropriate job perception among the workers.
  2. Career opportunities. Another pleasant thing about EPAM Systems is its care of mobility and career growth within the company, which includes the opportunity to move to another country and/or work with a foreign client. In this context, the projects are truly interesting and the communication with management is rewarding and informative. Besides, the promotion process is appraised by the corporate workers, which turns EPAM into a perfect place to start and jump high to become a professional in software product development.

Disadvantages of Epam Systems

  1. Salary problems. What many former workers in their reports on EPAM company review acknowledge is the fact that they were not paid as much as deserved – especially after changing the workplace and seeing the wages list in other IT companies. And this is a really severe problem of EPAM that goes beyond the simple change of the sum given annually to its workers. Even when the plan of salary increase seems clear, the way bonus system works remains a mystery for most of the employees. Moreover, the salary growth is a tough task. Altogether, these factors create a horrible image of EPAM as a company where paying salaries is a mess and the matter of never-ending discussions and strict control.
  2. Bureaucracy hysteria. Bureaucratic procedures in EPAM really drive its people crazy. Being a big company which delivers the myriad of services, it makes it hard to systematize and report on all the activities happening inside. For instance, even the studying process is complicated by not-that-needed paperwork, which decreases the very willingness to participate in it. The same type of problem appears while trying to switch the specialty within EPAM. And so, the promising career opportunities and personal growth hopes can be quickly destroyed by the need to participate in unnecessary reporting on a daily basis.

Our Verdict to Epam

At the end of this EPAM review, it’s easy to see that the company is highly effective and attractive on IT market. By taking into account its sophisticated approach to software product development, joining EPAM can be the best option to start a career in IT – considering the proper work-life balance and various career opportunities it offers. At the same time, the money matters and nerves spent on bureaucracy make it relevant to state that the company is not the best place to work for years.