DataArt Review: Answers to Your Possible Questions

Founded:  1997
Employees:  1000-4999
Revenue:  $85.8 M

DataArt is a global technology consulting company that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, helping clients take their businesses forward. Company operates in a number of industries including financial services, travel and hospitality, healthcare and life sciences, media, telecom, retail, iGaming, IoT and M2M (machine to machine). Recognized for their deep domain expertise and superior technical talent, DataArt teams create new products and modernize complex legacy systems that affect technology transformation in selected industries. DataArt software development company is a global network of technology services firms bringing together expertise of over 2,500 professionals in 20 locations across the US, Europe, and Latin America. This DataArt review, one of the numerous DataArt reviews, is designed to answer your possible questions on the quality of company’s services, their benefits and drawbacks.

Services offered by DataArt

  • Product development shall be understood as designing and building of a landmark new software products and enterprise systems for leading companies in the selected industries. Whether its client is a large-scale B2C platform, a new enterprise system, a custom B2B solution, or a venture-backed startup, data art believes it is imperative to work closely with stakeholders to elaborate on requirements, align expectations and help drive user adoption.
  • System modernization at data art follows a four-step process: discovery, proof of concept, a series of releases, and measurement and refining. The main idea of this service offered by DataArt is to help clients address their migration and re-platforming needs while minimizing business disruption and reducing risk. Platform- and application-agnostic, DataArt software development services ensure “future-proof” legacy applications while adding compelling new capabilities, such as mobility, big data analytics and cloud.
  • Technology consulting at data art is a bunch of latest technologies which are used to consult clients and give them the most advanced, yet cost-efficient service. DataArt software solutions provides clients with the latest technology innovations to unleash their business potential and help them develop a comprehensive company-wide IT strategy. Given the holistic view on technology, business and processes, data art helps global organizations across multiple industries grow faster and operate better.
  • Security testing services present the next core technological competence of DataArt software development company. As one of the software development companies having reacted to the increasing security risks, DataArt provides a full range of solutions to help companies secure their products and infrastructure. The expertise for this includes network and application-level assessments and building counter-measure solutions. To be more precise, within this category, the company provides such services as penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, compliance management, security code review, and security consulting.
  • Managed support stands for the responsibility of the company to provide post-implementation support and maintenance of custom solutions. Thus the clients that subscribe to the support services gain the advantage of having access to experts with first-hand knowledge of their systems, increased reliability for business-critical applications, and a guaranteed reaction time.

Advantages of cooperating with DataArt

  1. Data art follows a specific value-driven, iterative process to deliver the highest quality product possible for the client's specific environment, and encourages the client to test ideas and diligently validate problems, solutions and market opportunities through early prototypes and MVPs. Therefore, company develops a viable product in a course of at least three launches preceded by full-scale iterations. Such a client-oriented approach is one of the strengths of DataArt solutions.
  2. Cross-functional approach to technology consulting allows DataArt solutions to be developed on the basis of 360-degree analysis of the client’s company, its platforms, web and mobile platforms. For instance, consulting services can be performed across the following competencies: cloud computing, data and analytics, open source, blockchain technology, and other technology stacks.
  3. Fixed price fixed scope is another positive feature present in few software development companies. Such a delivery model guarantees delivery of a predefined set of functionality in a specific time frame and within a specified budget. Since this can also be done in Agile model, contrary to popular vision, such an approach gives a significant value to client and is more likely to satisfy its needs.
  4. Dedicated team working on DataArt solutions is an undoubtful advantage of the company. A team of engineers is assigned to work exclusively on a series of client's projects and thus is ideal for Agile model. Under such approach, all management and reporting duties are shared between client and DataArt. This allows for easy integration between DataArt's and client's in-house development team and infrastructure as well as for a full scope control by the client.
  5. Establishment of time and budget cap allows company to engage its teams during fixed-time phases with a fixed not-to-be-exceeded budget. Thus, the team works off the task backlog in an Agile manner being an efficient and productive way to develop and provide solutions. This option also significantly limits the client’s exposure for each phase and provides a natural accountability mechanism – the vendor only gets next phase's budget allocation if the client is satisfied with current deliverables.

Disadvantages of working with DataArt software development services

  1. International teams which are situated in more than 20 countries pose serious threat to the efficiency of the project realization. The reasons why are explained below in this DataArt review in more detail.
  2. Cultural differences which necessarily rise when teams are working to provide DataArt solutions may significantly damage project work. Even though this is a common problem for all international organizations and teams, it is still one of the hampering factors for IT industry, which shall be considered and understood. For client to receive good service, the team working on his project shall understand its cultural peculiarities and values, otherwise conflicts are inevitable.
  3. Language barriers pose another serious threat to teamwork efficiency. This is probably not the first review from software company reviews stating that different native languages of team participants pose risk of misunderstandings and miscommunication in teams. Managers at DataArt must especially careful when hiring IT specialists, and should pay special attention to their language skills.

Conclusion on the ultimate efficiency of DataArt software solutions

For the purposes of the DataArt reviews, a number of services were researched and analysed. All in all, this company is one of the strongest global technology organizations. Despite what other software company reviews and even DataArt reviews may say, it is well worth working with as explained above.