Arctouch Review 2018

Founded:  2008
Employees:  50-249
Revenue:  $21.4M

Arctouch is a veteran in mobile app development, with about 10 years of their active presence on the market. They help businesses and individuals build digital products such as websites, chatbots, applications for Android, IOS, etc. The main focus, however, lies on app development for main platforms (Android, IOS) and cross-platforms (Alexa, Xamarin). The given Arctouch review aims at identifying possible advantages and disadvantages of digital tasks outsource to Arctouch. At the same time, Arctouch review provides a full and bias-free information on the company, highlighting the most important aspects.

Arctouch Mobile Development Services

  • At Arctouch, customers are offered a whole range of Arctouch mobile development services. These services encompass a wide range of professional competencies in the areas of IT and technology. The company’s staff is a qualified team with each member specializing in one or several areas of product design and development. Arctouch review identifies the following services available at Arctouch mobile app development company:
  • Strategy development. Arctouch starts with building a strategy before making the first steps in designing a product. This makes the product truly customized, since client actively participates in the first stage of product creation.
  • Creating a chatbot. Arctouch mobile development company specializes in the creation of chatbots for conversational platforms such as Facebook messenger and Amazon Alexa.
  • Blockchain help. Nowadays, blockchain is viewed by many companies as a very promising technology that can be used in various fields for many purposes. Work on blockchain-related projects is prioritized by forward-looking companies. Arc touch is one of a few companies providing customers with help on blockchain projects, including building of blockchain PoCs and help with Acrtouch Xamarin Accelerator Program.
  • The Internet of Things and Augmented Reality Technologies. Arctouch teams work on many projects at the moment. Working on IoT apps is one of the priorities of the company, since helping to develop forward looking technologies reflects company’s strategic vision. Arc touch assistance with IoTs includes smart TVs, smart cars, wearables, handhelds, etc.
  • Engineering and QA. Code writing starts immediately, which results in delivering the final product on time. QA team makes sure that testing results satisfy the customer and that everything is completed in accordance with the initial requirements.
  • Growth. Services that follow the development stage are targeted at helping customers’ products improve. Arc touch team performs follow-up services on a regular basis. They constantly modify and enhance product features to make sure it stays up to date and compatible with other devices.

Arctouch Review Identifies the following advantages of Arctouch mobile development company

  1. Arctouch is a veteran in the mobile app development industry. With more than 10 years on the market and around 400 designed apps, it is a company many businesses trust their apps to.
  2. Brand name. Arctouch in a brand name known in the software and mobile app development industries.
  3. Offices in US and Brazil. Arctouch’s politics is about quality and accessibility of their services to big and small businesses, as well as separate individuals. That is why, Arctouch customers have an opportunity to outsource their work to Brazilian specialists at a lower price.
  4. Diversity of services. Being focused mainly on mobile app development, Arctouch has teams of specialists in various areas of IT and technologies. Their competencies range from data analytics to development of IoT and AR technologies.
  5. Blockchain assistance. It is not that easy to find good specialists to provide timely and effective assistance with blockchain-related tasks. Arctouch has professionals in blockchain technologies that can do this kind of tasks.
  6. App development for Android and IOS, as well as for cross-platforms such as Xamarin and Alexa.
  7. Partnership with a number of companies in various industries including 3M, Audi, CBS, Guess, Honeywell, HP, Sprocket, Salesforce, Travelocity, Yahoo, INSIGHTS, and others.
  8. Arctouch San Francisco mobile app design & development publishes a lot of books and online materials to help people get an insight about the work in the IT field and keep track of innovations and discoveries that happen in the process.

Arctouch Review Identifies the following advantages of Arctouch mobile development company

  1. Company’s services are more suitable for long-term project. Before the design stage takes place, customers have to spend a great amount of time developing the idea and discussing many aspects of work with Arctouch mobile developers.
  2. An important thing to mention in the given Arctouch review is that it may be a problem if the customer does not wish to disclose information or data, essential to proceed with the project.
  3. Arctouch mobile app designers have full control over the work, even though the customer participates in the development process on the initial stages. The customer sees the final product and can offer corrections afterwards.
  4. In the process of price negotiation, some extra costs may arise. This is connected to the fact that in the process of design, additional services may be needed to complete the task, which entail additional costs.
  5. Arctouch only works with reliable software and does not take orders that require to use programs or apps of poor quality. The cost of software that Arctouch does not have in disposal is compensated by the customer.

Final Word About The Arctouch Company

As a respectable mobile app developer, Arctouch keeps its brand name spotless. It has many positive feedbacks from customers from around the world. Arctouch mobile development’s reputation is underpinned by fruitful cooperation with many world leading companies in various fields. The range of services provided by Arctouch is sufficient to compete with other software development companies. Arctouch review mentions the key areas of company’s specialization as well as the additional competencies of its staff. Services provided by Arctouch are customized, which proves they meet the needs of every client. Arctouch specialists are flexible to take on tasks that require innovative solutions or special approach. The designers in Arctouch are used to close cooperation with customers, both on the initial stages of work and during the whole process. Arctouch is a reliable and trustworthy company that is among top companies in mobile app design and development.