Appster Review: All Ins And Outs Of the App Development Company

Founded:  2011
Employees:  250-499
Revenue:  $3 M

Appster is an Australian app development agency, founded in 2011 by Josiah Humphrey and Mark McDonald. It develops mobile, web and wearable apps for startups, public figures and enterprises. The company’s long term goal is to build a development hub for the greatest ideas and innovations in the world. Company is well aware of the presence of the idea-to-execution gap in the modern innovative environment, and therefore aims to be more than just an app developer to many of clients, but rather a real idea executer. By working across the entire lifecycle of taking an idea to market to support entrepreneurs and challenger brands with ideation, validation, product strategy, engineering, ongoing maintenance and growth, this company wins more and more clients globally. In this appster review, we will try to look at all ins and outs of its operations and services it has to offer.

Main categories of services offered by Appster

  • Startups services is a wide category of services offered by appster app development company. Some of the services provided within the category will be discussed below, as they add significant value to the company’s operations. The idea underlying app development for startups is that the idea of the entrepreneur will definitely be protected by the company through such instruments as non-disclosure agreements, stringent procedures, 24/7 Security and Fingerprint ID Entry, as well as advice on the part of the former Assistant Director of the FBI.
  • Startup Ready falls into the category of the Startups services. This is a 6 week intensive course, developed to help clients master all three critical subject domains required to successfully raise a seed round. As one of the top app development companies, the company draws from its experience in working with hundreds of early stage startups, and helping clients raise millions in seed capital. This course allows to transform client’s startup into a lean, customer acquisition engine and get fully prepared to raise a seed round.
  • Rapid Agile Development is an award-winning development methodology that has delivered countless multi-million dollar valuations for clients, and rescued over 40 failing software projects off other developers in the last 18 months. As one of the appster technologies, it allows companies to build their agile management systems from the ground up. The procedure is as follows: Design, Development, Testing, and Shipping, demo builds, incorporation of feedback, and finally tailoring of the Product Backlog until product completion.
  • Appster enterprise is another cluster of services provided by appster app development. This appster app development company review will not dwell on the enterprise services as they are pretty similar to the services provided by other app development companies. Services relating to the enterprise category include web development, blockchain, AI and machine learning, AR and VR, wearable devices, UI/UX design, IOT app development, smart TV and finally enterprise mobile apps.

Advantages of services by Appster

  1. One of the main advantages of the appster app development approach is that they put security at the core of operations with startup being aware of the importance security plays in the modern world. In addition, the services to protect one’s IP are also of crucial importance to many starting companies, and must be considered beforehand.
  2. Education as the second driver of progress after technologies is of especial importance to nowadays entrepreneurs, and such service provided by appster cannot but be highly appreciated as its strong side. The reason behind is that not every successful company would like to share their experience with young prospective competitors, while appster app development company does.
  3. For agile development to be effective, it must be elaborated by the top-level specialists, which, according to the appster hiring approach, are the company’s driving force. Understanding of the fact that incredible ideas require incredible engineers, company is able to provide high quality services by hiring one incredible developer instead of three good ones. Best people undoubtedly do bring value to the company’s operations, and also guarantee high levels of customer satisfaction.
  4. Appster’s ‘Innovation Lab as a Service’ gives a client an access to the world’s best design and development consultants. Appster app development is responsible for shipping, iterating, and rapidly deploying new ideas while cutting costs and time to deployment by 50%.

Disadvantages of Appster technologies

  1. Even though protection is one of the main services offered by appster app development company, in the majority of cases one cannot actually protect oneself from being hacked, as attacks evolve together with the means of protection. Therefore, it is not always a wise decision for a startup with restrained funds to invest in protection measures, which in the end may even not be enough to save the value of the business.
  2. Disadvantage of the intensive course is that it most likely describes only basics of successful entrepreneurship and fundraising, and is not tailored to the needs of a specific sector. Therefore, for some this course will not be a valuable investment as it will cover only the basic concepts of startup management and will not get into detail, which is sometimes the most important aspect of all.
  3. Agility is generally applicable to the number of industries, however, it is always a challenge to adapt to the needs of every particular business and industry. Here hides a tremendous risk of not being able to manage projects with the help of the agile methodology. In some cases, though, it may be a healthy challenge for appster app development company which it will hopefully overcome.

Conclusion on efficiency of the Appster app development company

This Appster review provides an insight into the work of Australian app development company working primarily with startups as well as big enterprises. Special feature of the company’s services, as mentioned in this appster review, is that is focuses on execution of innovative ideas at any cost. However, there is a number of limitations connected to the operations of the company on the software development markets, including constant hackers’ attacks, as well as ever-changing technological environment which is difficult to keep abreast of in terms of educator courses. As other Appster company reviews may state, this company is worth working with for app developments and startup support.