Algoworks Review 2018

Founded:  2006
Employees:  250-499
Revenue:  $72M

There is hardly anyone in the tech world who has never heard of the Algoworks mobile app development company. This corporation is truly global, and what is more, it is almost fully outsourced, delivering quality IT services and solutions to clients worldwide and having employees in all corners of the world. Most of its clientele comes from ISVs and software-enabled companies, so this determines the specifics of Algo Works activity. So, what can an Algoworks review say about the company’s performance and overall reputation? Is it worth to seek employment in Algo Works? Or is it a good idea to hire the company to complete a tech project? Read this honest and full Algoworks review to get complete data on the company.

Algoworks Service Range

  • As a software development company, Algoworks offers a range of services to clients in all aspects they may need. Due to our Algoworks Review, key areas in which Algoworks specializes include:
  • Business and technical consulting. Businesses are growing more tech-dependent nowadays, and companies making use of the latest technology and optimizing their tech operations are those taking the lead in the market. Algoworks assists its clients via the development of cloud and web strategy for business solutions, formulates a saleforce implementation strategy and renders saleforce consulting. Among other consulting services, one should note the ideation and requirement elaboration assistance and the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consultations gaining popularity day by day.
  • Development of customized apps. Algoworks is a well-known developer of superb web and mobile apps. Its experts are knowledgeable about all types of apps and have no hardship developing and launching iOS, Android, and cross-platform products. Besides the actual design and development, the company’s experts provide related assistance with integration and migration issues, set up the SaaS service for their apps, and also involve in Blockchain development.
  • Custom engineering solutions. Though it is the epoch of smart solutions, cloud computing, and mobile apps now, all this is still impossible without well-functioning, smart hardware. Algoworks engineers can develop massive multiplayer applications for mobile and web platforms or may tune such apps for alternative uses such as hosting forums, communities, and innovative communication channels. This area of Algoworks service also incorporates the provision of analytics report services, which traditionally involve data migration, transformation, visualization, and analytics. If you require efficient video streaming service, Algoworks can also do that for you; here you will find excellent solutions for live video streaming and video communication, as well as get optimal video storage offers. Additional areas in which Algoworks helps clients include the WebRTC app development, TokBox solutions, and other engineering products and services that take the lead in today’s tech universe.
  • Testing & QA. Testing and quality control are the cornerstones of flawless continuous operation of software and apps. Thus, Algoworks testers assist clients with performance and mobile testing, implement test automation for continuous QA in clients’ environments, and perform the testing software management and maintenance.
  • Creative UI/UX designs. User interface matters much today, as clients use what they like, and the competition for users and visitors is stiff. Algoworks may assist in this domain by developing a creative strategy for your UI, making UI/UX solutions for web and mobile use, and performing the task of UI wireframing. All that may be supplemented with testing services to ensure that the UI choice is successful and attractive for the clientele. Algoworks service at this point also involves resource planning and analysis, elicitation of the best user experience from user stories, and making the choice for the right technology for the client’s project.

Advantages: Algoworks mobile app development services

  1. Algoworks Review suggests the Algoworks mobile app development company is a great place to work with and in, as the testimonials of clients and staff suggest. On the worker side of the company’s evaluation, the following benefits of Algoworks surface:
  2. Participation of management in daily routines and processes, assistance to staff, impressive ownership of all processes;
  3. Flexible work timing and staff flexibility, numerous extra-work activities and events, parties;
  4. Free lunches and annual trips;
  5. A strong positive corporate culture and a sense of staff loyalty and commitment;
  6. Work on the latest equipment and with the best existing technology;
  7. Good, comprehensive work-related policies.
  8. Clients have also appreciated the positive experience they had when using the Algoworks mobile app development services. Benefits of ordering services and solutions from this company were summarized as follows:
  9. Great attention to detail and ownership of the project;
  10. The impressive technical expertise of engineers and programmers;
  11. Courteous sales representatives, effective ongoing communication, and convenient customer relationships;
  12. Flexibility and adaptability to changing project requirements;
  13. Ability to meet all milestones within the deadline, effective performance even under pressing deadlines;
  14. Flawless app development quality;
  15. A strong focus on the client needs;
  16. Ability to handle several client projects at the same time with equal quality and orderliness.

Disadvantages of Algoworks

  1. Notwithstanding so much positive about the Algoworks performance and organization, the staff still noted some drawbacks and cons of working here. Among the most notable issues for improvement, current and former staff members of the company indicated:
  2. A three-month notice period;
  3. Frequent delays in salary slips and appraisal letters;
  4. Some inefficiencies in the appraisal process that may lead the company to losing some outstanding individuals because of a lack of timely rewards and promotions;
  5. Insufficient in-house training for newbies, which makes some work processes stagnate while they learn and adapt during their first days in office;
  6. Insufficient growth opportunities.
  7. As for the client side, no negative evaluations of Algoworks performance were found online. Thus, let’s agree that is none!

Conclusions from Our Algoworks Review

As you can see, our Algoworks review suggests that the company is a good partner to deal with, both as a worker and as a client. The staff of Algo Works is responsive and flexible, always ready to negotiate the details and change something on the go; the company’s senior management is effective and proactive, while the Algoworks mobile app development team is solid and impressively experienced.